Friday, 7 May 2010

collaboration, collaboration...

I have been approach by one of my classmates,April Banbury, asking me to help with a photo shoot she wants to arrange to showcase her final collection and the possibility of a short film too.
The inspiration behind her Spring/Summer 10' collection is 'The Secret Garden'  Her collection consists of beautiful silks, lace and washed out denim.

In order not to make the shoot too cliche' I can vision the location being quite natural and serene with emphasis being made on specific aspects of the garden, for example over sized flowers etc

For this photo shoot we will be also be collaborating with photograph Ginny Marsh, I'm really excited about this collaboration after looking at Ginny's portfolio. I really like the composition of her photos and the strong eye she has for really capturing the mood in front of the lens. Here is a link to her website.